Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nashville is Flooded

So, I never anticipated having time to blog due to flooding, but that seems to be the case. Nashville has been deluded with anywhere from 12 to 15 inches of rainfall in the past two days. We have been asked to stay in, roads are under inches and feet of water, and the city has essentially been shut down today (so you have nowhere to go), and schools are closed tomorrow. It has really been incredible to watch it just keep coming down. Downpours usually last at most an hour, but it was nonstop yesterday from about 6 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon and about the same today!

Here is a link to a building floating down the interstate and smashing into a semi. It's incredible! I never imagined seeing this in my city.

If you want to see some incredible pictures you can check out There are slideshows of all the flooding.

Fortunately, I suppose, my damage is limited to a few wet spots. Hopefully, nothing too serious. The bad part is that school is closed tomorrow and we just finished making up our snow days on Wednesday! (They were making us go an extra 1/2 hour every day!) I can't do that again! It was a stress on teachers and students!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Adventures in Nashville Snow

So, it really snowed here! For the first time since I moved here (6 1/2 years ago) we have several inches of snow on the ground that is not going anywhere anytime soon. It came on Friday, and so of course, school was cancelled (wahoo!). Friday night it chose to add a little freezing rain to the top of the snow giving it a nice crust. I stayed in pajamas all day Friday, and while it was wonderful, I started to go a little stir crazy Saturday afternoon, so I decided to brave the streets and go to the gym and grocery store.
I got dressed, pulled up my hair, and tried to leave my kitchen door. No such luck. The wind had blown the snow and ice up against my screen door and it was not budging. So, out the front door I go, trudging through the snow. It took awhile to get the snow off my car and then slowly back down the driveway, desiring not to back into my neighbors cars that are always parked on the street. I made it safely out the driveway and to the gym (driving no faster than 20 mph on packed snow and ice). The roads were a little slick and I slid a couple times but nothing too bad. I did my regular grocery shopping and came home, only to discover that my car was not driving up my driveway. I had to leave it at the bottom and hike my groceries up the driveway and into the house. And just so you know, it is REALLY, REALLY cold out there. Cold enough to keep the 1/2 inch layer of ice in tact on the passenger side of my car withstanding the full blast of heat on it from within.
Church was cancelled this morning for tomorrow and I am fairly certain that school will be canceled Monday too (which will make 4 of 5 snow days used for the year)! I welcome the time to get things done, though have to admit that I haven't done too much with the time I have already had (besides pleasure reading-which is SO desirable!). The snow admittedly makes me a little homesick-I am just grateful there are no mountains or I really might have problems! And while Governor Bredesen has called a State of Emergency, I am just fine, warm, and happy in my little house! Happy Winter to All!