Sunday, March 8, 2009

The end of the house hunt?

Clearly, I have not posted anything on my blog in quite sometime (everyone keeps reminding me of that). But I have been busy. Doing what? you may ask. I will tell you. I have been busy looking for a house. I have spent countless hours looking online, driving past houses and neighborhoods, and the looking at houses with my realtor. It is not a short or easy process.

But the good news, is that I think I have found the house for me. In a quiet little neighborhood about two miles from where I live now is a quaint, little, red brick rectangle we have affectionately referred to as "the Tamworth house." I have a quick little video of the house if you want to see what it looks like on the inside.

The only downside of the home is that the tax record shows a woman purchasing the land in '52 and building the house in '55. That's it. That's all the activity it shows. How, you may ask, is this a downside? And I will tell you, that clearly, the woman lived here and probably died here (there is a ramp built to the kitchen door). Sounds like she lived the quiet life of an old maid. I don't really want the "Tamworth Curse" on me too. I don't want to live there forever and die an old maid. I don't even like cats or small dogs.

Let me know what you think.