Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 in Review

Grandma asked and asked and asked, so here it is, my first official blog!
Here is the 2008 year in three parts:

Part 1: January-April

During these months it seemed to me that the only thing I did was run, run, run! I trained for and ran my first marathon (I am hoping there will be a second, third and so forth, but only time will tell). I ran the Country Music Marathon on April 26th and my time wasn't too impressive, so I won't record that here. I really only logged a little over 400 miles during this time, which when it is broken down, really does not seem like that much, but it felt like it was all I ever did. I managed a deal with my principal and there were a few days when I would have to take off work early so that I could get in a long run during the week (when the weather forecasts were unfavorable on the weekends). But I managed it and after a few days of misery, I was glad I did it and look forward to doing it again!

Part 2: May-August

I did not get a second job over the summer, and I really didn't attend many workshops for school. It was an incredible summer break filled with my "studies." I studied a little bit about yoga, and made myself a notebook, full of poses I would like to try and some of my old favorites. But my main study this summer was Elvis. I read multiple biographies about him, listened to his music and watched a few of his movies. I think as an entertainer, he was incredible, but as for his personal life, I don't think he handled trials too well. (I did convince a few friends to travel to Memphis with me for my birthday so that we could go see Graceland. It was awesome! The trip was prior to my studies and just enhanced my desire to study him.)
It was the most wonderful, relaxing summer, EVER! I am glad I did because soon after came...

Part 3: September-December

I started my Masters program through the University of Tennessee Knoxville. I am seeking a Masters of Information Science, so that I can become an Information Specialist. (Which apparently is the new politically correct term for a librarian, who knew?) I am doing it all online, but you have to actually attend classes online, you can't just do things at your own pace (which I didn't discover until orientation and it was too late). It's a little wierd talking to your professors through your computer but never really seeing them. It was a very challenging semester. It has been too long since I was in college and I didn't remember how to study or manage my time. But I managed through it with acceptable grades and once next semester is over, I will be done with the "generals" of my major and I will be able to take classes more applicable to children and schools.

So that, in a nutshell was 2008 for me. I am looking forward to 2009 and we will see if anything exciting happens that I can blog about!


  1. I can not believe you did not record any of your wonderful trips to Utah, What are we chopped liver?. J/K we love seeing you and are glad that we have another way of keeping up with all that youd do.

  2. Jessica is getting a bit sassy in her old age isn't she?

  3. Yay Sarah! You are officialy a blogger! So you better update often! (By the way this is Kellie under mom's profile. I was helping her add you onto her blog list!)

  4. Yay!! I am so happy to finally see you here blogging. Just little snippets here and there when you have time will at least let us know you are still alive over there in Nashville.

    As far as the Information Specialist, isn't it interesting how time changes things. I am no longer an MT (medical transcriptionist), but am more correctly an MLS (medical language specialist). All of our meetings are held online also. They have pretty cool programming for that stuff. I can raise my hand, clap, and talk to the whole class through my microphone.

    I envy you the marathon experience. I was training for one at one time, but then experienced a life change and that goal ended. Keep us posted on how the next one goes.

  5. Thank you Sarah Grace! The picture is darling. I do need to see pictures of you occassionly, doing things. It was so nice to see you this Fall, and Winter. You looked darling, and your shoes were a hit. I love you.